Special Projects for Special Children

The Special Projects for Special Children Program is a unique way to make a huge impact on the lives of many disabled children. At Sahyog's schools, we strive to provide services to our special students that improve their lives holistically. Health and education are top priorities, but in order to promote a life of dignity and independence, social skills and community building is essential for our special children. To that end, Sahyog organizes programs and events at our schools to promote self-sufficiency, creativity, and community. This is where we rely on the generosity of our program members.

Fund a special event for special children. Sporting competitions, art therapy, music lessons, fieldtrips – these are all programs that could drastically brighten up a child's life. Sahyog gives program members a chance to choose a special event or program to fund. Once a member, you may view all of Sahyog's carefully organized and detailed program proposals and choose which ones you want to support. Fund an entire project, half, or donate what you can. If a proposed program is not fully funded by the assigned deadline, you will receive reimbursement, guaranteeing that your money does not go to waste.

Sahyog ensures donors stay involved. Once a project is funded, donors will receive updates on the implementation process. Once the program or event has been run successfully, the donor will receive a full report including pictures or videos from the event, a thank you from the children involved, and a detailed breakdown of how the finances were utilized. Donors will also receive a quarterly newsletter which celebrates our successfully funded programs, thanks our donors, and illustrates the positive effects of these programs on our special children.


Check back soon for a complete list of our special project proposals!

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