Adopt a Child Program

Through the Adopt-a-Child Program, you can support a disabled child in one of the most powerful ways. The opportunity to build a relationship with a child in need is one that fulfills both the sponsor and the sponsored child. Your sponsorship will change the world in which this special child lives, promoting their independence and connection to their community. Donations go toward educational opportunities, medical treatment and general healthcare, life skill and vocational training programs, and development of social skills.

At Sahyog, the donor decides. Sahyog will help walk you through the process, from start to finish, but the power lies with you. Not only do you get to choose which child to sponsor, but you decide the type, amount, and frequency of support. Support can vary from a one time donation to support a child's medical treatment, to regular monthly donations which help in various aspects of a child's life and education. There is no obligation, nor minimum or maximum requirement for the amount of support you can give, from month to month, or year to year.

Sahyog ensures that your relationship with the child you sponsor is meaningful and dynamic. Very quickly after choosing a child you will get your first letter from them. If you wish, you can watch your child grow through the months and years with progress reports we provide, and Sahyog will help you to reach out to your child as often as you want, in a variety of ways. Donors can send their child tradition mail, or e-mails, to foster a relationship. You may send special gifts or packages, or order them through Sahyog. Donors who wish to meet their child, may even organize a visit to the Sahyog school.


The profiles of our special children will be added soon.

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