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IRS grants 501 (c) (3) status to Sahyog International Foundation

We are proud to announce that our recognition by the IRS as a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. All contribution to the foundation are deductible under the section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Sahyog faces financial challenges

It is unfortunate that The National Trust of Social Justice and Empowerment ministry abruptly stopped its funding for hostel activities for mentally challenged children for refusing undue and illegal demands by the officials.

Thank you for your support

Sahyog is very grateful for Mrs. Subhvender Kaur, Regional Manager State of India Mandi, for her kind financial & intellectual support to the mission of Sahyog Schools.

Sahyog students shine at the Red Cross Day Function

In Sahyog students, who are suffering from Down Syndrome, won hearts of the audience with their performance of siging Vande Matram during the Red Cross Day function held in Mandi.

Tanuja - The Silver Girl

On Tanuja, who is visually & verbally impaired, won 3 silver medals at an event in athletics held at Aurangabad in Maharashtra on 1-5 April 2013. This event took place after 14 years. She won these medals in 800, 200, and 100 meters races.

Preparing Community Coaches

SBI’s Sayog Special School trained over 50 community coaches for providing services to special kids in rural area. This has helped hundreds of disabled children who otherwise do no have any professional support.


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